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Part 1: Feb 2017, Part 2: Dec 2017

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The Wild Eternal is a first-person adventure game about an old woman trying to escape the cycle of rebirth, whose only hope for liberation is an outcast and unraveling god. As the old woman Ananta, players will explore beautifully hand-crafted non-linear levels while traveling from clear vistas (where they'll spot distant landmarks) into foggy valleys (where they'll get lost trying to get to those distant landmarks), collecting keys, tribute, and blessings along the way. Tranquil moments will offer story bits from the fox, while mundane and strange wildlife present unique and unknown obstacles on the journey toward liberation.


We considered a lot of ideas before committing to The Wild Eternal, from a sidescrolling platformer, to a systemic city builder, to a secret-of-megamana-like wizardry rpg, but ultimately decided on a 3D game with the high-concept of moving from clear vistas into foggy forests. Drawing inspiration from early experiences exploring Everquest's uncharted territories, we sought to make a game about the joys of unearthing your own stories as you make your way from here to there without knowing exactly what you'll find along the way, or even which way to go!


  • Explore a mysteriously deserted wilderness blanketed in fog.
  • Find your way from clear vistas to distant landmarks.
  • Unlock powerful abilities at hidden shrines.
  • Encounter wild, mythical, and sometimes dangerous creatures.
  • Talk with an outcast god and other lost souls for guidance.


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Gameplay Video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Bit Bash 2016 Offical Selection." Chicago, IL, 13 August, 2016
  • "Day of the Devs 2016 Offical Selection." San Francisco, CA, 5 November, 2016

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About Ilsanjo

Ilsanjo is an interdependent video game studio, featuring the concerted efforts of brothers Casey and Scott Goodrow, with audio design by Jonas Kjellberg. The studio gets its name from a lake the brothers hiked around during early development meetings for The Wild Eternal.

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The Wild Eternal Credits

Casey Goodrow
Art, design, & writing

Scott Goodrow
Programming & design

Jonas Kjellberg
Music composition & sound design

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